Logsteel | Installation and assembly
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Installation and assembly

Through this business unit of Installations, Maintenance andIndustrial Assemblies our challenge is to guarantee safety, quality and strict compliance with the deadlines agreed inthe execution of projects and in the maintenance ofindustrial plants. With specialized personnel and weldingprocedures (WPS/PQR), approved welders (WPQ) in gradescarbon steels, Alloy steels A335 P11, P22 and P91/P92 (heat treated, post-welding), Stainless steels, Duplex, Superduplex, Hastelloy and Titanium…. According to criteria and specificcodes ASME IX / European regulations.

In assembly work Thermoelectric sectors, Combined cycles, Cogenerations, Biomass, Oil & Gas: Boiler, Boiler Recovery HRSG, BOP, (GAS, VAPOR, Coils, High and Low Temperatures). ACC Cooler, Deareator & feeddwater, Pheheater, Pumps. Power train assembly Turbine, Generator, Condenser.

In Assembly Works Renewable Sectors (Termosolar, Biomass…): Solar field, Power Island, Sales, HTF/ Boiler / BOP/ Turbo Group (Turbine, condenser generator).

In Assembly Works sectors Debugging water (Debuggers) and in desalination plants: Buried pipe, surface and aerial. Quality plastic materials GRP PRFV /PP/ PE and Stainless Metal Steels, Duplex, Superduplex.. Membranes, Co2, Pump, Filters, Manual and Automatic Valves.

Mounting in Pumping and compression stations. Gas pipes high gas and low pressure pipe.

Scheduled reviews of industrial facilities (refineries, thermal power plants, cement factories, steel plants, metallurgical plants, etc.

Comprehensive maintenance of industrial installations. Predictive, Preventive, Corrective. Modifications.

HYDRAULIC GENERATION (Hydroelectric). Rehabilitation of turbine groups 10-200 MW. Inspection review. Turbine type Francis,Pelton,Deriaz. Review and repair of gates and reliefs.

Among the activities developed by this business unit are the following:

  • Pre-assembly and welding on site.
  • Studies of manoeuvres for assembly and disassembly of equipment.
  • Levels and alignments of rotating, static and dynamic equipment
  • Assembly of structures, pipes, supports.
  • Mount Boiler HRSG & BOP / Power Train (Turbine, Generator Capacitor).
  • Assembly of dynamic and static equipment. Conveyor belts, Transfer Towers, Silos, Reducing Motor, Rollers, Bands…
  • Insulation assembly.
  • Hydraulic and sealing tests on equipment and/or systems.
  • NON-destructive NDT/RX testing.
  • Chemical cleaning.
  • Commissioning. Conmissioning.