Logsteel | Manufacturing
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LOGSTEEL has cutting facilities, boilers, structures, pipes that occupy a total area of 1,200 m2 and offices of about 300 m2. LogSTEEL’s facilities are equipped with PUENTE GRÚA 20Tn lifting media, handling, production equipment, design, control and programming, as well as a 5,000 m2 storage park that guarantees supplies for the different projects in construction process. The technical office of the cutting and manufacturing business unit is equipped with AUTOCAD 3D systems that allows a complete development of each project, including the cutting of structures, equipment, pipes and the automatic production of stockpiles, materials, hardware, shipping, etc.

Among the activities developed by the Manufacturing andInstallation business unit are the following:

Metal structure construction:
Manufacture of light, medium and heavy metal structurescrewed and welded, with specialized personnel and withwelding procedures, welders approved according to criteriaand specific codes for the metal structure. It is built withqualities of steel materials in Carbon, Alloy, Stainless steel, Duplex. With monthly capacities of 200,300 and 500 tonnes respectively. 

Duct Construction:
Manufacture of ducts in carbon and alloy steels with a monthly capacity of 60-80 tons respectively. Flow Ducts gas, steam –air. Nox desulfurizations. With specialized personnel and welding procedures and welders approved according to specific criteria and codes.

Pipe Construction:
Manufacture Pipe in grades Carbon Steels A106 Grb, Alloy Steels A335 P91, A335 P11, A335 P22, (With heat treatment, post welding), Stainless Steels A 316, 316L, 304, 304L, Duplex Steels, Super, Hastelloy, Titanium .. .. With specialized personnel and welding procedures (WPS / PQR), approved welders (WPQ) according to specific ASME IX criteria and codes / European Regulations.

In construction work in Thermoelectric, Combined Cycles, Cogenerations, Oil & Gas: Boiler, Boiler Recovery HRSG & BOP, (GAS, VAPOR …. Coils, High and Low Temperatures), Power Trains (Turbine, Generator, Condenser … ). ACC Cooler.

In construction work in Thermosolar: Solar Field, Power Island, Sales. Htf.

In Biomass Construction Work: Boiler & BOP. ACC Cooler.

In construction work in Desalination plants and purification water (Debuggers): Construction in plastic qualities GRP, PRFV / PP / PE and metal steels Duplex and Superduplex.

Construction of pumping and compression stations. Gas gaspipe gas pipeline. Low, high pressure.

In construction work of LNG storage and regasification terminals: Carbon steel pipe systems, alloyed and stainless. Insulation.

Approximate annual capacity of 500,000 inches.

Construction of pressure and atmospheric equipment:
Tanks, pressure vessels and atmospheric. Housing & Tube Exchangers, Capacitors, Heaters, Separators, Columns, Towers, Silos, Absorbers…… It is built with all kinds of metallic materials and their lessons according to codes of international prestige, ASME, AD- MERKBLATTER, CODAP, TEMA, API, etc. In both carbon steel and stainless steel. Hatelloy, Alloy, Duplex.

API650/620 and EN14015 tanks

  • Pressuretanks. ASME VIII div.1y2 and EN13445 (U-sealed ifrequired)
  • Atmospherictanksand storage. Columns and towers.
  • Tankrepairs according to API 653v

Heat exchangers

  • Suctionheaters
  • Housingand tube
  • Spiral
  • BEU
  • Doubletube

with respective capacities of 60 and 50 tons per month.