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The Management of LOGSTEEL, a company dedicated to “Design and engineering of industrial facilities. Cutting line for coils and packages for metallic and non-metallic carbon steels, “recognizes the need and importance of continuous improvement, prevention of pollution and safety and health of stakeholders that are related to their activity, has chosen for the implementation of a Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 standards.

To achieve the desired continuous improvement, it is necessary to apply the systematic actions established in our Management System, being absolutely necessary, the involvement and participation of all LOGSTEEL staff, through the leadership of the Directorate and those responsible for the company.

The Logsteel Management System ensures that:

The product and the service performed, meets the specified and regulatory requirements, thus satisfying customer expectations.

Preventive measures are taken to achieve the improvement objectives and goals set for the established process indicators.

In case of Non-Conformities, environmental or safety incidents that affect the health and safety measures are applied to correct them.

The necessary preventive measures are taken to eliminate the dangers and reduce the risks that affect the occupational safety and health of the interested parties.

A mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers is established, so that our commitment to the environment and occupational safety is transmitted

We have safe and healthy working conditions during the development of jobs by both our workers and people who perform their jobs in our facilities.

Transmit this Management Policy to all internal and external stakeholders.

Identify and evaluate all legal requirements and facilitated by third parties, so that all necessary measures are established for compliance requirements.

Establish communication channels both internally and externally, so as to facilitate the consultation and participation of both our workers and other interested external parties.

This Policy is transmitted to all internal levels that may be affected by it.

In Gijón on February 5, 2019